Betway Vouchers

Hollywoodbets also sell Vouchers – Register with Hollywoodbets and get a free R25 on successful sign up (t&c’s apply) – CLICK HERE is one of the more influential market leaders in the online sports betting industry in South Africa and along with a myriad of promotions, bet-markets and quality features, they also offer betting vouchers.

A betting voucher is essentially when a punter puts money into their account by loading through a pre-paid airtime system.

The minimum amount of pre-paid vouchers for Betway South Africa is R10 and the maximum amount that can be loaded is R5000.

The Betway OTT voucher is available at Boxer super stores and glocell, at an estimated 20 000 outlets across South Africa.

After buying the voucher a subscriber must log onto a Betway website and then go to the OTT option; this opens up a box and a punter simply puts in voucher number and redeems.

The Betway marketing team explain that the use of vouchers in South Africa is growing and in a diverse money-sending industry, the voucher system is intended for punters not comfortable with banking online.

OTT vouchers are gaining traction, especially among people who use their mobile phones to place bets, as the pre-paid system is familiar and easy to use. Some of the players that are not internet savvy prefer the voucher system.

The withdrawal of winnings or balances goes into the user’s bank account like normal. Betway South Africa is a purely online operated online sports betting company so there are no outlets to take out vouchers or to cash out winnings.

If a punter has any questions, they can contact the Betway SA support team and they will explain the OTT system. Their support contact details are on their site.

If punters need more clarification they can email Betway.