GBets Vouchers

The South African online sports betting scene is an extremely competitive and is giving some of the leading brands a serious run for their money.

The site is fast gaining traction and it is because of an ability to run with market trends such as the fashionable, accessible and simplistic voucher system.

The pre-paid voucher system is very much like pre-paid mobile phone time and works on almost the exact same principles. This system is proven and brings access to the mass market.

The gbets voucher system in place is the ‘1voucher’ and according to the site the best means of following this is:

A 1voucher is purchased by a punter and is then used to credit their account. To redeem the voucher the user enters a unique code to top up their balance.

1voucher’s for are available at a participating Flash store or kiosk or retail outlet.

The total value of the 1voucher will be credited during the top up process on

There are a host of terms and conditions regarding the 1voucher including:

1vouchers deposit amount can never be exchanged for cash or refunded in cash. Also, the punter has to turn over the amount at least once (by placing physical bets on to fulfil withdrawal requirements. could go even further by adding another voucher supplier such as OTT Voucher, but this will probably come in due course. They reason for adding a further system-in-place is that this increases the outlet stores from around 20 000 to 80 000.

Some other leading sites have gone further and added mobile phone service providers like MTN as retail voucher outlets.

This is definitely something for the gbet fraternity to look into, if they want to continue making a dent in the industry.