Eazibet Vouchers

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Eazibet South Africa (Eazibet.co.za) is a relative newcomer to the South African sports betting market but is gaining a foothold in the competitive industry.

Eazibet has a strong brand in Africa and innovates according to market trends – with the latest means of betting play offered to punters is the purchase of vouchers.

The site offers a 1voucher and an OTT voucher but information regarding the purchase of these vouchers is scant. The site’s terms and conditions does show that eazibet.co.za offers betting vouchers in South Africa but apart from that, there is a distinct lack of general info on this topic.

The OTT voucher can be purchased at approximately 20 000 outlets across the country with Boxer stores being the main retail outlet.

An OTT voucher is very similar to pre-paid phone airtime, in that a user can go to a counter at Boxer and purchase a set amount and receive a redeemable voucher number in return. This number must be used when a punter goes into the betting site or app and under accounts link, follow the prompts until it says “OTT Voucher” and then insert the number.

Most leading sites in the country set a R10 minimum voucher purchase right the yay to a maximum of R5000.

Eazibet does not provide details around the minimum and maximum deposits and the operators will do well to get the information available to the punter.

The betting voucher system in South Africa is seemingly in its early phases as many top sites do not yield information and this is a pity, as the mobile phone voucher system opens up more doors to clientele that may not favour banking online.

Almost all bettors in the country use the top-up pre-paid system to load anything from airtime to electricity and companies like Eazibet will have to do more advertising in this field.

Apart from a vague reference in the site’s FAQ’s the other voucher offering from Eazibet – the ‘1voucher’ – is unexplained and punters have no alternative but to contact the Eazibet support desk for more information. Punters can use this link to find out all the relevant contact details required: https://eazibet.co.za/Sport/Contacts.aspx